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Minting address for Land Parcels in Cardano Multiverse:



1 piece of land = 45 ADA

2 piece of land = 90 ADA

3 piece of land = 135 ADA

4 piece of land = 180 ADA

5 piece of land = 225 ADA

6 piece of land = 270 ADA

7 piece of land = 315 ADA


17 piece of land = 765 ADA

18 piece of land = 810 ADA

19 piece of land = 855 ADA

20 piece of land = 900 ADA

How to mint?

1. Create a Cardano wallet from one of the following: Yoroi, Deadalus, Nami or ADALite  (see the links below)
2. Register the wallet by following the instructions
3. Top up your balance on your chosen Cardano wallet
4. Send the exact amount of ADA to the minting address given by us

5. Congratulations! Please visit  Pool.pm/{your ADA wallet address here}  to view your minted NFTs!

(do not send ADA from an exchange wallet such as Coinbase or Binance, use the wallets provided in step 1)

Secure links for the different wallets:

Yoroi: https://yoroi-wallet.com/#/

Deadalus: https://daedaluswallet.io/

Nami: https://namiwallet.io/

AdaLite: https://adalite.io/

Minting Guidelines

On the release date, the minting address will be published. Depending on how many Pandas one wishes to purchase, the exact amount has to be sent to the specific minting address as stated in FAQ. The address will not change during the minting, this will be the permanent wallet address. Please ensure that you send the exact amount. If a wrong amount has been sent to our wallet address or all Pandas have been minted, the funds will be returned back to your wallet.  The funds are safe at all times. Panda Banda is not responsible for any transactions sent to a wrong wallet address, please make sure you are sending to the correct wallet address. Do not send from an exchange wallet.

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